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Computers and Electronics - Shopping Guides

Buying a Computer or Other electronics can be a big purchase. The staff of at Internet Megamart buys a lot of it from all sorts of places. Below is a list of where we spend our money. We almost always but computer from dell, and Electronics from either Amazon, Tiger, or Geeks. We have also started to spend a money at the Fry’s next to our office.

Dell now ships their computer much faster than they used to. Frequently you can get your equipment in about a week and save some big bucks. They have “random” sales, just about once a week, and you get get really great deals. Extras like printers and duel headed video cards can be a little high at dell

Amazon has taken over more and more space on this website, and it also seems to get more of our money as time goes buy. They have some of the best prices on Electronics, we normally don’t buy computers from here. Amazon has gone to more of a listing model, that is you typically are not buying electronics and computer directly from Amazon. - One the largest and best websites for purchasing computers and computer parts directly from a single company. - Similar to Tiger Direct. This site had great deal on Computer Equipment.

This is a great brick and mortar store. We are lucky enough to have one just a few miles away after our recent move, so we have been spending money in the store lately.

This website lists all sorts of computer retailers and sorts by price. You can find some great deals on here, but there it’s just a big list of stores. Buyer beware!

Other Websites:

Obviously Ebay and Craiglists are always the best place to look for rock bottom used “anything”, if you’re not familiar with these sites. Check out our Online Shopping Guide for beginners.

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